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Tools - Pre-Sterilized Plastic Receiving Tubes

Check out these disposable receiving tubes by Precision; A great choice for safe and sterile piercing procedures.

Each tube is crafted from medical grade plastic and has been sterilized with EO (Ethylene Oxide gas) to avoid cross contamination and to eliminate the need to sterilize them after every use. These tubes are used once and then thrown away.

They have been coated with a soft gel material that receives each needle smoothly and seamlessly which protects the client and ensures only the designated piercing site is punctured.

These plastic receiving tubes have angled ends, with one end slanted at 45 degrees for receiving the needle and one end measuring 90 degrees.

Each tubes is 3" long and has an inner diameter of 6mm and an outer diameter of 8mm (0 gauge) which allows them to receive needles up to 4 gauge.

Each tubes is individually wrapped and they come in boxes of 50.

Sold by the box.

This product is only available to wholesale customers.  Please contact us if you would like to become a wholesale customer.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have a physical store?

    No, we are online only. We do not do any piercing.

    We do not have a shop where you can come in and browse. However, if you want your order same-day, you can place the order online, and pick up at our NW Calgary office.

    What materials are the jewellery made of?

    We use Titanium 6AL-4VELI ASTM F-136, 14 karat gold, 316L surgical steel, Bioflex, buffalo horn, wood, acrylic and more.

    Mill certificates are posted here.

    What do your sizing numbers mean?

    Our sizing is expressed like this: 14 Gauge X 10mm X 4mm

    The first number is the gauge (or thickness of the jewellery).

    The second number is the length of the barbell, or diameter of the hoop.

    The third number is the size of the ball.

    Here is a link to some information on piercing jewellery sizes: Body Jewellery Info

    How Do You Ship Orders?

    All orders placed before 1pm Mountain Time will be filled and shipped the same business day. Orders are shipped with Canada Post or UPS, you can choose your shipping option at checkout.

    Every package will have a tracking number and insurance.

    Do you sell wholesale to shops?


    Our main busines is with the wholesale market. If you want to sign up as a wholesale customer, call Rachael at 825-540-0717, or send us an email to

    Please include your name, shop name, phone number, mailing address and some proof of business.

    Do you sell to the general public?

    Yes, anyone can order jewellery on our website.

    There are some items such as pre-sterilized jewellery and most tools that we only sell to our wholesale customers. But, the general public can order 95% of the items on our website.

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