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Free Shipping in Canada for RETAIL orders over $20, and Free Shipping for Wholesale orders over $200. Free Shipping in Canada for RETAIL orders over $20, and Free Shipping for Wholesale orders over $200.


Non-Piercing Jewellery

We normally exhibit at 10 trade shows every year, from tattoo conventions to Pride Day.  We love seeing you and interacting with everyone and we miss it!! 


At the tradeshows we have more than piercing jewellery available - there are necklaces, bracelets, pendants, leather cords, skull rings, and so much more.  Now that we haven't participated in a trade show in one year, that jewellery is just sitting in storage, longing to meet it's new owner 


GOOD NEWS!!!!  We have just uploaded all of those items to the website, and they are available to purchase online.  Most items are one of a kind, and we only have one piece of each, so don't think about it too long.  


MORE GOOD NEWS!!!  For a limited time, this jewellery is all Buy One Get One 50% off.  Use coupon code BRACELET at checkout to get the deal.


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Shipping in Time for Christmas

Seasonal Shipping

 Canada Post is very busy this time of year, and even more so this year with online shopping at an all-time high.  If you want to receive your order before Christmas, the deadlines for ordering are listed below. 

*dates are based on Canada Post delivery times, and can not be guaranteed.

Shipping Option Last Day To Order* (for delivery by Christmas)

Regular Mail 

(includes Free Shipping Option)

December 10th
Expedited December 16th
Express December 21st
Priority December 22nd
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New Products For Piercers

Hello Wholesale Customers

You have been asking me about them for weeks, months, some of you even years.  And, now they have finally arrived!  We are so happy to share our new line of products with you.  These are all specifically for our piercers, and are available on the website right now.

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Another edition of our Frequently Asked Questions

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We get A LOT of questions about piercings and piercing jewellery, so we've decided to share some of our most frequently asked questions in the coming weeks. Continue reading

Calgary Pride Week

As you may already know, we are a Calgary-based company, and this week it's Calgary Pride Week. For many years, we have been a vendor at the Pride Marketplace in Calgary, and this year we are missing the face-to-face interaction of the Pride Parade and Pride Marketplace.


We want to wish you a Happy Pride wherever you are, and to always be proud of who you are!

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Wanna Be A Star?

Do You Wanna Be A Star?


Send us a photo of you wearing your Piercing King jewellery, and you could be a part of our next ad, be featured on our website or see yourself in our newsletter.
Email a high resolution photo to
A cell phone photo is great, a selfie is just fine, a group photo also works, as long as we can see some jewellery. Please make sure the jewellery is front and center, and is in focus

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Pre-Sterilized Jewellery

The pre-steriilized jewellery has been flying off the shelf. As more shops opt for all-disposable, the pre-sterilized jewellery is the easiest option for piercing.

We have just received 1200 pieces of pre-sterilized jewellery in stock today.

And, we have added a few new sizes to choose from - including 20g nose screws, 16g X 6mm circular barbells, and 14g X 38mm industrial barbells.  If there is something you would like in pre-sterilized packaging, just let Rachael know, and we can order it for you.  

Coming in 10 days - pre-sterilized dermal anchors

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