Segment Rings vs CBRs

Why Segment Rings Reign👑Over CBR  

🤔Segment rings are versatile and suitable for multiple piercings.  And they are available in a variety of shapes (circle, diamond, star). They provide a seamless, stylish appearance, and a secure closure that ensures your jewellery stays put.  The best thing about hinged segment rings is that they are easy to put in by yourself - there are no pieces to lose!


🤔Captive bead rings, or CBRs, have a classic look with the visible bead that is held in place by the pressure of the ring.  But, the ball can be lost while trying to secure or sometimes comes loose while wearing, leading to loss of the bead or the entire ring.  One great tip for CBRs is to slightly press the ends of the ring together, and then the ball will have a little more pressure on it, so you are less likely to lose it.

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