Tools - Calor Style Tapers

These 'calor style' tapers are made of 304 Stainless Steel. These tapers can be autoclaved and reused.

Each taper is 2" in length and tapers down 2 gauges smaller than the listed size.

Calor style tapers are thicker and recessed so you can fit the jewelry inside the taper; this helps prevent slippage while chasing the jewellery through.

Taper Dimension Chart:

Gauge Outer Diameter  Inner Diameter
2g 6.40mm 6mm
4g 5.25mm 5mm
6g 4.35mm 4mm
8g 3.20mm 3mm
10g 2.65mm 2.5mm
12g 2.25mm 2mm
14g 1.75mm 1.6mm
16g 1.35mm 1.2mm
18g 1.20mm 1mm
20g 1.00mm 0.8mm

This product is only available to wholesale customers.  Please contact us if you would like to become a wholesale customer.

    Minimum price $6.75 Maximum price $6.75

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